Jordan Greenough

Formulation Engineer at Geminatio

Jordan joined Geminatio after finishing a masters degree in nanoscale engineering at the Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering in Albany, NY. During his Master’s work in the Robert Brainard research group, he studied the use of small molecule organometallic compounds as EUV photoresist. During this time he characterized over 100 organometallic complexes as EUV photoresists at the Paul Scherrer Institut’s EUV interference lithography beamline. Elevating his role to Senior Research Specialist within the same group, Jordan undertook the synthesis of morphologically unique polymers with applications in the electronics industry.

Previous work involved investigation of bioactive compounds in plants used in traditional medicine. Research on the purification of Furanocoumarins in Heracleum Maximum and subsequent bioassays was presented at the ACS National Meeting in 2019.